The Road to Purpose

For years I wondered what purpose I had. Why was I here? Why had I endured all that I had? And what was left for me to do now? I excelled in higher education, traveled all around the world, competed in several athletic endeavors, had a successful career, volunteered and helped others in need, survived countless health challenges, wrote a book, and even finally found a peace within side myself.

So what now?

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L O V E Heals and So Do Post-it Notes

Have you ever used post-it notes? What a simple invention, right? Since the 1970s, post-it notes have been making our lives easier. Like most people, I use them to jot things down that I need to do, or must remember….

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What’s It Like Living with an Undiagnosed illness?

Sometimes people ask me what it’s like living with a chronic, undiagnosed illness. I often have trouble explaining it, like a woman trying to describe to a man what childbirth is like. Or in all fairness, a man explaining to a woman what it feels like to get kicked in the testicles....

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