Revitalize Yourself by Being in Nature

Being in nature is one of the most healing ways you can spend your time. By spending quality time in nature, you are immersing in an environment that promotes wellness for every part of your body, mind, and spirit. The benefits of being in nature are plentiful, including: reducing stress, balancing emotions, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing anxiety. If you are in need of healing from illness or a chronic imbalance or health challenge, exposure to nature can aid you in your healing process.

I love to spend as much time in nature as I am able. Whether going to the beach, going for a walk, sitting in a park, or smelling the flowers in my backyard, I feel relaxed and revitalized. But I don’t stop there. I bring nature into my house with plants, flowers, and stones. Keeping connected to nature is a wonderful way to bring your body back to its natural state of being.

I am about to embark on a healing retreat for a few weeks up in the mountains, unplugged, away from technology. I know it is just what my body needs to restore itself. I look forward to writing about it and sharing my experiences with you when I return in April. Until then, enjoy the healing power of nature, explore, and have fun with it. You deserve it!

Wishing you healing and happiness,