How Can Birthdays Heal Us?

I recently had another birthday and a dear friend gave me a card that read:

“Make your birthday environmentally friendly…

Recycle your age!”

Although I found this humorous and creative, it got me thinking. I realized that I’m now at the age where a lot of birthday cards, conversations, and sentiments are focused on this negative idea of aging.

Instead of having a negative perception about having a birthday in the latter years of our lives, perhaps we can adopt a more balanced and fulfilled outlook energized by knowing just how much we have enjoyed, learned, and experienced. I know in my case, I feel beyond fortunate to have not only survived this long, but to have thrived in many aspects of my life.

I feel each year I become more centered, tranquil in my heart, and wise from growth. Most cultures, and greeting cards, may jab fun at age and favor the young, but I feel growing older is a privilege and blessing that we can be excited about.

How can we shift our perspective?

When we approach adding another year to our age, we can choose to do so with a renewed sense of delight and dignity, feeling ready for what new adventures are ahead. This perspective is healing for we no longer dread getting older, but respect the natural process and make the most out of every moment. Birthdays then become a beautiful reminder that we are indeed still alive and get another chance to live our best life.

And oh, if you’re curious, I just turned 47 and I am proud of that number. I’ve earned each one of those years and look forward to at least the next 47, happily adding up the numbers, knowing that it is all a big gift.

Wishing you happiness, healing, and many happy birthdays,