Unplug and Restore Yourself

Taking time away from our electronic devices is an important part of healing. We have come to rely on our computers, phones, televisions, and other gadgets. Yet, it is unnatural to spend excessive time with technology. The artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated from all of these devices can cause health problems.

Obviously, I’m using technology right now to reach you. And, ironically, you wouldn’t be able to read this without it either. I am definitely not against technology. I believe the advancements in technology are incredible and can be used for so much good including connection, inspiration, friendship, and a wonderful way to gain knowledge (unless you are only using it to watch cute cat videos).

What I am saying is that it’s important to find ways to balance how much we use. Some ideas: unplug for an hour or two, especially at night before bed. I like to take Sundays off completely. I always feel better. Turn your phone off while you eat your meals. Turn your phone off at night or while you exercise! I know it’s not easy, but by unplugging you are gaining back a part of your natural human state and giving your body and mind a chance to relax and, well, reboot. On a positive note, when I do use media, I choose podcasts, meditations, and films that enrich my life.

In the spirit of unplugging, I am going to be taking ten days off from technology starting next week. It’s a gift I am giving myself to recharge and to experience the world as it is meant to be seen—through my eyes, not through a screen.

Wishing you healing and happiness and fun with unplugging!