The Road to Purpose

For years I wondered what purpose I had. Why was I here? Why had I endured all that I had? And what was left for me to do now? I excelled in higher education, traveled all around the world, competed in several athletic endeavors, had a successful career, volunteered and helped others in need, survived countless health challenges, wrote a book, and even finally found a peace within side myself.

So, what now?

What was I to do with the rest of my life? I searched beaches, mountains, deserts, volcanos, rivers, and clouds floating past into the darkening sky, all for a sign. Nothing came. How could that be? There must be an answer, a grandiose plan for me to complete. But I couldn’t find it. This brought me sorrow. I felt destined for greatness and somehow I had failed. I cried until I felt only emptiness. I screamed until I felt raw, flipped inside out.

Then, one day, in the simplest of moments, in an indescribable and unidentifiable twinkling of grace, the answer arrived. I was stripped down to my essence. And I felt like I had come home after a long, long time. The answer wasn’t new or complicated. It had been with me my whole life. I was living it. I always had.

My purpose, how I am destined to spend the rest of my time on earth, is not what I write, the diplomas on my wall, the things in my home, the places I travel, or the skills I acquire. It is all about giving and receiving love in every moment to every being.  

Since this realization, I strive to live in each moment for this purpose. It is the most fulfilling and beautiful reason for me to live.

Now tell me, what’s your purpose?

With boundless love,