What Are the Five Main Components of Healing?

Many people ask me what I did to heal. I always answer the same way. Healing is a complex process. It is never just about the physical. That is where holistic healing comes in. I believe there are five primary components to true healing: Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, I AM (Affirmations and Beliefs).

When we attend to all these five aspects of our lives, we can heal at the deepest possible levels. Below are inspirational messages from my healing journey, offered to nurture you onto a positive path full of healing, expansion, gratitude, and serenity in all areas.


Improving your health is more than focusing just on your health. You improve it by focusing on your whole life.

Continue to live your best life, even if you have limitations. Especially if you have limitations.


Never Give Up. These words save lives. If you know someone that needs to hear them, pass them on.

Don't let your story have power over you. You can change. Let go of your story. Enter the unwritten.


For all of us, any day could be the day we die. What are you going to do today that matters?

Because I have almost died, it is much easier to really live.


If you want to contribute something to the world, contribute love.

If all we ever had was love, we would have everything.


I am living my best life when…(this is for you to complete)

For example: I am living my best life when I am healthy, balanced, and full of love.

There messages are just the beginning. Find which ones resonate for you and create your own. I would love to hear about what inspires and motivates you to reach your best life. 

Wishing you healing and happiness,


For more on my story, check out my award-winning memoir: A Few Minor Adjustments: A Memoir of Healing