Gratitude Raises Your Altitude

Each year in the United States around Thanksgiving time, there is a palpable buzz around giving thanks. What a wonderful tradition–expressing what we are grateful for!

If we probe a little deeper, there is much more to gratitude than we may think. For instance, gratitude can help with our healing. Here are just three of the countless ways being grateful is healing:

  1. Gratitude is a Powerful Healing Tool. Gratitude is central for creating a healthy and vibrant life. Science has shown the many benefits of gratitude on the brain and overall health. Also, when we are grateful, we are more apt to engage in better self-care and self-love.

  2. Gratitude Helps Us Heal Past Traumas. By learning to cultivate genuine gratitude for both the beautiful and the dark parts of your life, you can see the lessons behind the unsavory aspects of being human. And heal from them! Emotional and mental health can then improve. In addition, being grateful feels good. So if you want to feel better, say the words and feel the rise in energy when you do.

  3. Gratitude Enhances Relationships. When we give thanks to someone, anyone for anything, big or small, we are deepening our connection with them. They feel acknowledged and seen and we feel happy to raise them up. It’s a beautiful exchange. And the more you practice, the more uplifted you feel!

In essence, gratitude raises our altitude or rather, our evolution as human beings. By cultivating the art of being grateful, we are lifting ourselves, and others, to new heights.

With boundless gratitude for all that you are,