Peace Equals...

What first enters your mind when you think of the holiday season? Overdosing on sugar? Circling a crowded parking lot over and over again in search of a space? How Jim Carey embodied the Grinch so well? Why movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and Love Actually still make us tear up after seeing them 20 times?

For me, it’s peace.

What I mean by peace is essentially love. With love, pristine and unconditional love, for all beings, there can be peace. An excellent way to start is by practicing self-love. Next, spread love to those you are close with, and then to acquaintances, and finally to people you don’t know.

Then, if you are open to it, perhaps spread some love even to people you disagree with or have conflict with. This is what peace requires—willingness for us to reach deep down inside and see each other as all the same: full of love.  

Let me start by wishing you and all beings peace and love this holiday season and in 2019.