One Hundred Ways to Heal

After my harrowing experiences with a chronic illness, I’m now on the road to restored health. I’m often asked, “What helped you heal?” I always respond the same way: “It isn’t just one thing, it’s a hundred.”

Since I had such a positive and heartfelt response to my memoir, I felt motivated to write a book about all of my healing tools: The Healing 100: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. It contains the core one hundred healing modalities, remedies, and treatments that delivered me from the precipice of death, to truly living again.

Healing Toolbox

I have employed all of these healing techniques over many years, some for a short duration, and others that I still continue today. The one thing they all have in common is that they assisted me on my healing path.

Think of having a toolbox for your health. We all have one that we fill up with different tools throughout our lives, using each one as needed, depending on our circumstances. Healing is a personal journey. We all need different things at different times. The Healing 100 are my favorites—my essential tools. These are ones I know I wouldn’t be alive, or sane, without.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Through my search for life-saving answers, I discovered that real healing is not just about healing the physical; it is about healing the body, mind, and spirit together. Without attention to fully restoring all three of these aspects of ourselves, we cannot completely heal. In addition, it is never about just one approach, one technique, or one remedy.

Healing at this deep level, becoming whole, vibrant, and free of dis-ease, calls for an assortment of tools. This guide focuses on all aspects of healing, highlighting several different techniques designed to bring about a return to total well-being. 

Healing as a Shared Experience

The Healing 100 is officially out today and I am delighted to share with you all I have learned and help you on your healing journey. I would love to hear from you once you read it. What worked for you? What are your favorite healing practices?

Remember, healing starts with belief. Enjoy the process and believe that you can heal.

Wishing you the best of healing and happiness,