Out of My Mind - Deleted Chapter from A Few Minor Adjustments

What role do we play in our healing? How can we help ourselves heal deeper, more authentically? How have we contributed to our own dis-ease?

These are just some of the questions I’ve asked myself throughout the years. I shared a big part of health journey in my memoir, A Few Minor Adjustments. But not all of it. In fact, there is much that I didn’t talk about in my memoir because if I included all that I went through, my book would have made Herman Melville’s epic Moby Dick look like a pamphlet.

Since I’ve had such a wonderful response to the memoir, I’ve decided to release a couple of the deleted chapters, the ones that didn’t make it in the final book. They are not polished, just like those deleted scenes you see at the end of a movie.

This first one is a journal entry from January 2009, when I was in the throes of my illness and looking for answers to keep me from dying. I’ve spent many years writing in my journals, exploring my feelings and searching for ways to heal within. I believe writing is a healing tool, and can help us sift through our emotions and see things more clearly. Writing this jounral entry certainly did that for me! Read it here:

Deleted Chapter - Out of My Mind

After reading this again, I get it now. Do you?

Wishing you healing, happiness, and lots of balance!

Cherie of 2018