How Do Your Choices Affect Your Healing?

Every day we are bombarded with choices. None of us can avoid making them. I suppose you could choose not to make choices, but hey, that’s still a choice! So, there doesn’t seem any way out. 

What Choice Do We Have?

Since we are locked into making choices, how fun would it be to settle into this idea and realize the ultimate power that comes with our freedom to choose? And yes, our choices matter, each and every one of them.

How Do Choices Heal?

True healing is about tending to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Every choice we make is an opportunity for healing. Additionally, every choice we make in every moment can contribute to restoring our health.

For example, what if you chose positive, nurturing thoughts about yourself and others, and decided to let go of that harsh judgment and inner critic? What if you went out of your way to say something nice to a stranger? Or if you treated yourself with the utmost love and respect you would your grandmother or beautiful child? What if you took time out each day to love yourself? What if you made laughter a priority over buying something new? What if you decided that you already had everything you ever wanted?

The point is we have lots of choices. It’s not just about choosing good nutrition and drinking lots of water and moving your body daily, although, these are excellent and healthy choices. Most of us are stuck in negative or unhealthy recordings that play over and over again in our minds. We think things are the way they are, and that is what they will always be. Not so. Even if we can’t change our circumstances, we can change the way we view it. It’s a choice.

A Personal Sharing

I recently received another award for my memoir, A Few Minor Adjustments! I was ecstatic. This entire journey, even with all the darkness and extreme pain, has been a gift. Soon I realized that the award ceremony was in New York. I live in San Diego. I mulled over this decision to go or not to go for weeks. I finally chose not to go. The reason? I decided that although it was a great opportunity, the trip would probably be difficult for me physically. Staying home and receiving my medal from afar was the heathiest and most balanced choice for me. I feel stronger and more in tune with my priorities by making that choice.

Essentially, It’s Your Choice

Life is about exploration. Armed with this information, there is nothing you can’t do or be. Once you view every moment, every day, and every breath as an opportunity, you can see the immense wealth of choices you are privileged to make.

Our choices define us. So, how do you want to live? Well, that’s your choice.

Wishing you healing and happiness and an abundance of choices,