Saying Yes to Life and No To Fear

Paralyzed by Fear

When I was beaten down from my myriad health challenges, I stopped saying yes and became fearful. At one point during the height of my illness, I couldn’t be left alone. I would shake and scream and cry from the pain and uncertainty of living with an undiagnosed illness. I had stopped saying yes. Everything was "no" and I was paralyzed by fear. It took time, but once I started on my trajectory of healing, one of the methods I employed was learning to acknowledge my fears and saying yes to living again.

What Changed?

I had a frank conversation with fear and said, “What do you want? What do you need to feel safe?”

Each time I had a conversation with my fears, I took a monumental leap forward. Soon, I no longer felt fearful when I was alone, and eventually I could walk to my mailbox, eat a new food, and experience new victories that reaffirmed that I could restore my health and live again. By saying no to the fear and yes to the beauty of life, I began regaining strength in my body, mind, and spirit.

How to Make the Shift?

What fears are holding you back from healing? What do you need to face to move onward? Start by being open. Initiate these conversations, whether it be through journaling, meditation, or another type of connection. Remember, vulnerability is key. Keep at this, and I believe with a willingness to go deep, transformation will be afoot.

I would love to hear from you and how you face and transform from fear.

Wishing you healing, happiness, and a world of yeses!