Poetry of Peace

Cherie Kephart’s Poetry of Peace is a rare and poignant collection of poems that celebrate the decadence and darkness of life, taking the reader through four aspects of ascension: Seeing the World, Through Darkness, Into the Light, and With Peace. Cherie’s masterful command of words, coupled with the complex and captivating topics in every verse, draws us closer to the charms and challenges of the human spirit. Profound and universal, Cherie’s poems are a gateway to understanding what it means to be fully alive.

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Praise for Poetry of Peace

“Kephart's work is poignant, reflective, guided and remarkably astute: just the inspirational ticket for a world or reader struggling with their own ventures into darkness and light.”
            —D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Visceral, gritty and laced with rich metaphor, Cherie captures us in these beautiful verses and takes us beyond our usual trance into the very essence of what the earthly sojourn is about—descending into the dark depths which we dread, and tracing back to the Infinity that we discover we really are.”
            —Suresh Ramaswamy, author of Just Be and teacher of Transform Your Life

“Cherie Kephart’s words sing with an honest, and often raw, clarity. Poetry of Peace is a tapestry of love and desire, despair and loneliness, the challenges of surviving life. Approach this collection as you would a gourmet meal: prepare for the extraordinary.”
            —Clifton King, author of poetry organic

Poetry of Peace is the olive branch carried by the dove of peace, opening us to the beauty that is all Life. Enlivening the extraordinary in the ordinary, the miracles in the mundane. The heart can rest and rise in these words, for they carry the sacred that is at the core of each moment, reminding us that we are already home.”
            —Nicole Martel, M.A., Transformational Breath and Holistic Wellness Practitioner

“Cherie’s poems transport us to a depth within ourselves that connects us to something vast and sacred. It is as if she has access to a language we have not fully learned yet, and she finds just the right combination of ingredients to satiate and delight. Be prepared to fall in love over and over again as you journey through this rich collection.”
            —Shelley McQuerter, Founder & Director of Learn Homeopathy Now

Poetry of Peace is, at times, soft and tender, at others, the rawness is accosting. Through all the suffering and the seeking, Cherie's greatest strength is in simultaneous perseverance and surrender. "Be who you are, not who you were," she writes, and with hard-earned wisdom realizes, "the only way out is the way back in." As fortune favors the brave, Cherie ultimately leaves us uplifted with the words of her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual liberation.”
            —Eliza Rhodes, author of Sign Language


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