A Few Minor Adjustments

Cherie Kephart, a young woman who longed for adventure, traveled the world from the remote villages of Central Africa to the majestic coastlines of New Zealand until a mysterious illness thrust her to the precipice of death. The persistent health challenges led to years of suffering, during which her symptoms time and again were undiagnosed by well-meaning medical doctors and healers who were sometimes competent, sometimes careless, sometimes absurd, and always baffled. The anguish, the uncertainty, and the relentless pain would have caused many people to simply give up and end their lives—and Cherie came close. Told with brutal honesty, astonishing wit, and a haunting vulnerability, A Few Minor Adjustments is an unforgettable memoir that will move you with its fiercely inspirational account of one woman’s incredible journey to find life-saving answers. In the end, she finds much more than a diagnosis.

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Praise for A Few Minor Adjustments

“With raw guts, wisdom, and a spirit as tenacious as they come, Cherie tells the story of her harrowing experience with an undiagnosed condition in a way that will keep you wanting to turn the page. Intelligent, tender, and triumphant, A Few Minor Adjustments is a must read.”
              —Marni Freedman, editor, and award-winning author of Playing Mona Lisa and 7 Essential Writing Tools

“Cherie Kephart’s A Few Minor Adjustments takes you on a perilous inner and outer journey to places and dangers into an unknown that even the most seasoned adventurer would fear to tread.”
              —Matthew J. Pallamary, author of Spirit Matters and Land Without Evil

A Few Minor Adjustments is everything you want in a book. I was drawn in from the first sentence and pulled quickly to the last beautiful sentence. It is magnificent, reflective, truly touching, and meaningful, with the welcomed relief of the perfect touch of humor condensing 20 years of life with the right amount of detail for one to grasp and feel part of her story….and it is a great story!”
              —Dr. Melinda Nevins, D.O.

“Cherie Kephart’s A Few Minor Adjustments is a sweeping adventure of one woman’s journey through illness, ambiguity, and finally to self-acceptance and love. Written with wit and generosity, this book will give hope to those on the journey through illness, and beyond.”
              —Zhena Muzyka, author of Life by the Cup and Publisher, Enliven Books

“Never has a phrase, 'no tears for the writer, no tears for the reader,' apply less to a book than this one. Kephart holds nothing back in this heartbreakingly beautiful tale that will transport, transfix, and ultimately inspire even the most cynical of readers.”
              —Alex Sheshunoff, author of A Beginner's Guide to Paradise

“What a story. I am so inspired by the author's courage, resilence, and ability to convey her darkest feelings without self-pity. Here's hoping her next book tells a happier tale.”
              —Daniel Asa Rose, author of Larry's Kidney

“Cherie brings a delicate balance of humor and brutal honesty to a tale that would be dark and grim in the hands of a lesser writer. That she is here to even tell her story is a miracle – that she has the talent and insight to tell it so brilliantly is a gift for us all.”
              —Jeff Thurman, author and retired FBI Agent

“A powerful, gripping, and insightful story that keeps you engaged and wanting to read more. Reading someone else’s brutally honest struggle makes you thankful for what you have…and what you don’t have! Cherie Kephart is a living tribute to learning how to laugh at life and see the light and lesson in every dire situation.”
              —Dr. Kevin Grold, Ph.D. in Psychology and CEO at www.edreferral.com

“In today’s world of social media, hand held devices, work and family responsibilities, infrequently do I pick up a good book, but after I picked up A Few Minor Adjustments, I could not put it down. Cherie Kephart’s memoir is filled with adventure, heroes, villains and beautiful descriptions. Most outstanding is her sense of humor that carried her through her medical challenges. As a physician and cancer survivor, I appreciate her strength and perseverance that others facing known and unknown diseases will be inspired by.”
              —Dr. Sharon Sternfeld, MD, FAAP, Dr. Good-for-children


Forthcoming Books...

The Healing 100

Cherie Kephart shares what she calls The Healing 100 – core healing modalities that delivered her from the precipice of death to truly living again. Through her search for life-saving answers, Cherie discovered that real healing is not just about healing the physical; it is about healing the body, mind, and spirit. Without fully restoring all three of these aspects of ourselves, we cannot completely heal, and it’s never about just one approach, technique, or remedy. Healing at a deep level, becoming whole, vibrant, and free of dis-ease, requires a lot of tools. The Healing 100 focuses on all aspects of healing, highlighting several different techniques designed to restore total well-being. Think of having a toolbox for your health filled with different tools to be used throughout your life, using various ones as needed, depending on our circumstances. The Healing 100 are Cherie’s essential tools, the ones she wouldn’t be alive or sane without.


The Symptoms 100

Cherie Kephart shares what she calls The Symptoms 100 – a guide to understanding and alleviating the 100 most common emotional, mental, and physical symptoms she experienced throughout many years suffering from an undiagnosed illness. Because Cherie didn’t have a clear diagnosis, no one could provide her with a straightforward path to heal. She learned to focus on managing her symptoms and heal in a completely different way. The Symptoms 100 includes the 100 most common symptoms Cherie has endured along with the accompanying techniques, remedies, foods, and tools that have contributed to her not only alleviating those symptoms, but further healing her body, mind, and spirit.


Poetry of Peace

Cherie Kephart's Poetry of Peace is a remarkable and eloquent ensemble of poems about ascension, taking you through four aspects of life: Seeing the World, Through Darkness, Into the Light, and With Peace. Cherie's masterful command of words, coupled with complex and captivating topics in every verse, draws us closer to the charms and challenges of the human spirit. Profound and universal, Cherie's poems are a gateway to understanding what it means to be fully alive.


Praise for Poetry of Peace

“Cherie Kephart’s words sing with an honest, and often raw, clarity. Poetry of Peace is a tapestry of love and desire, despair and loneliness, the challenges of surviving life. Approach this collection as you would a gourmet meal: prepare for the extraordinary.”
              —Clifton King, author of Poetry Organic

“Visceral, gritty and laced with rich metaphor, Cherie captures us in these beautiful verses and takes us beyond our usual trance into the very essence of what the earthly sojourn is about — descending into the dark depths which we dread, and tracing back to the Infinity that we discover we really are.”
              —Suresh Ramaswamy, author of Just Be, and visionary entrepreneur at lucidfield.com

“Cherie’s poems transport us to a depth within ourselves that connects us to something vast and sacred. It is as if she has access to a language we have not fully learned yet, and she finds just the right combination of ingredients to satiate and delight. Be prepared to fall in love over and over again as you journey through this rich collection.”
              —Shelley McQuerter, founder & director of Learn Homeopathy Now

“This is a beautiful collection of poetry that takes us through the journey of life in all its beauty—dark and light, hard and soft, sad and happy. All of life’s journeys are individual and unique to each of us, yet the words on these pages sing true for us all.”
              —Asa Wild, artist and fellow explorer

Poetry of Peace is the olive branch carried by the dove of peace, opening us to the beauty that is all Life. Enlivening the extraordinary in the ordinary, the miracles in the mundane. The heart can rest and rise in these words, for they carry the sacred that is at the core of each moment, reminding us that we are already home.”
              —Nicole Martel, M.A., Transformational Breath and Holistic Wellness Practitioner

“It is good to have poems such as these, words that slow us up for just a bit, to steady or unsettle us, amidst the language where we live.”             
              —Sandy Carpenter, poet

Poetry of Peace is, at times, soft and tender, at others, the rawness is accosting. Through all the suffering and the seeking, Cherie's greatest strength is in simultaneous perseverance and surrender. 'Be who you are, not who you were,' she writes, and with hard-earned wisdom realizes, 'the only way out is the way back in.' As fortune favors the brave, Cherie ultimately leaves us uplifted with the words of her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual liberation.”
              —Eliza Rhodes, author of Sign Language