A Few Minor Adjustments: A Memoir of Healing

Cherie Kephart, a young woman who longed for adventure, traveled the world from the remote villages of Central Africa to the majestic coastlines of New Zealand until a mysterious illness thrust her to the precipice of death. The persistent health challenges led to years of suffering, during which her symptoms time and again were undiagnosed by well-meaning medical doctors and healers who were sometimes competent, sometimes careless, sometimes absurd, and always baffled. The anguish, the uncertainty, and the relentless pain would have caused many people to simply give up and end their lives—and Cherie came close.

Told with brutal honesty, astonishing wit, and a haunting vulnerability, A Few Minor Adjustments is an unforgettable memoir that will move you with its fiercely inspirational account of one woman’s incredible journey to find life-saving answers. In the end, she finds much more than a diagnosis.

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Watch the encore performance of the award-winning scene from A Few Minor Adjustments,
originally performed at the San Diego Annual Memoir Showcase.


 "A Few Minor Adjustments is a mesmerizing and ultimately uplifting memoir about one woman's journey to healing."
              — Foreword Reviews

“A rich and complicated story, told on each page with clear dialogue and memorable anecdotes."
             — Kirkus Reviews

“Kephart’s solid debut memoir is a story of gut-wrenching perseverance and determination."
             — Publishers Weekly

“Inspiring reading for any on their own paths to recovery and enlightenment, making A Few Minor Adjustments a 'must have' chronicle of perseverance highly recommended for anyone!”
             — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“What a story. I am so inspired by the author's courage, resilence, and ability to convey her darkest feelings without self-pity. Here's hoping her next book tells a happier tale.”
              —Daniel Asa Rose, author of Larry's Kidney

“Cherie Kephart’s A Few Minor Adjustments is a sweeping adventure of one woman’s journey through illness, ambiguity, and finally to self-acceptance and love. Written with wit and generosity, this book will give hope to those on the journey through illness, and beyond.”
              —Zhena Muzyka, author of Life by the Cup and Publisher, Enliven Books

“Kephart holds nothing back in this heartbreakingly beautiful tale that will transport, transfix, and ultimately inspire even the most cynical of readers.”
              —Alex Sheshunoff, author of A Beginner's Guide to Paradise


2018 Independent Publishers Book Award silver medal winner for Best Autobiography / Memoir
(Personal Struggle Health Issues)

2018 Connected Women of Influence Finalist for an Author of Influence Award

2017 San Diego Book Award winner for Best Unpublished Memoir

2017 Bookvana Award winner for Best Autobiography: Female Inspirational/Motivational book

2017 William Faulkner – Wisdom Competition – Semi-Finalist

2017 Southern California Book Festival – Honorable Mention

Featured in the 2015 San Diego Annual Memoir Showcase and performed on stage at the
Horton Grand Theater in Downtown San Diego

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The Healing 100

Discover Essential Tools for Healing
Empower Yourself ~ Transform Your Health

Cherie Kephart shares what she calls The Healing 100, a companion guide to help you on your healing journey. Cherie suffered for years from a mysterious illness that left her bedridden, hallucinating, and being spook-fed to stay alive. Through perseverance and ingenuity she found healing practices, remedies, and techniques that took her from the precipice of death to truly living again. 

To heal, Cherie believes it is important to focus on all three aspects of ourselves: Body, Mind, and Spirit. At this deeper level, becoming whole, vibrant, and free of dis-ease calls for an assortment of tools. Drawing from her moving personal story and written with a touch of humor, Cherie reveals her top one hundred healing tools—without which she wouldn't be alive. The Healing 100 describes each of these in detail, explains their uses, and demonstrates how they can help you heal.


Poetry of Peace

Cherie Kephart's Poetry of Peace is a remarkable and eloquent ensemble of poems about ascension, taking you through four aspects of life: Seeing the World, Through Darkness, Into the Light, and With Peace. Cherie's masterful command of words, coupled with complex and captivating topics in every verse, draws us closer to the charms and challenges of the human spirit. Profound and universal, Cherie's poems are a gateway to understanding what it means to be fully alive.


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